Woolworths ownership of poker machines

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Woolworths chairman Gordon Cairns doubts $1 bet limits on poker machines will help problem gamblers. The supermarket giant is one of Australia's largest poker machine operators, through its ownership of more than 330 hotels. Shareholders and anti-gambling advocates peppered Mr Cairns with questions ...

Woolworths has again been urged to divest its ownership of poker machines. Independent senator Nick Xenophon says the supermarket giant should at the very least follow the lead of rival Coles and ... Is it Time to Boycott Woolworths? | scottjhiggins.com Woolworths is the majority owner (75%) of Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH), which in turn owns around 400 pubs across Australia, making it the largest poker machine licence holder in Australia. Fact 2. ALH whistleblowers have been revealing the most predatory and exploitative practices imaginable... coles – more pokies than any casino – Tom Cummings Coles are not that much better. If you’re planning on switching to Coles as a protest against supermarket ownership of poker machines, then you’d better think again. Coles is no small player in the poker machine gambling industry in Australia. They own pubs, predominantly poker machine pubs, and lots of them. List of Woolworths Limited companies - Wikipedia

Woolworths chairman Gordon Cairns has defended the group's poker machines business, as the issue of problem gambling dominated the company's AGM. ... Pokies debate for Woolies as Amazon looms.

What's this all about? Woolworths is Australia's largest owner and operator of dangerous high-loss poker machines. New research commissioned by GetUp shows that Woolworths target socially disadvantaged communities with their machines. Woolworths shareholders have initiated an Extraordinary General ... Woolworths Group (Australia) - Wikipedia The ALH Group is 25% owned by Bruce Mathieson and 75% owned by Woolworths. Statistics provided during the acquisition of the Taverner group showed that over one third of sales are made up of gaming/poker machine takings. The number of poker machines owned by Woolworths and Bruce Mathieson after ALH acquisitions was 10,722. GetUp! - Email Woolworths

Woolworths and Coles together are the largest owner of poker machines in Australia, with more than 15,000 machines. Woolworths alone owns more poker machines than the top five Las Vegas casinos combined, taking in an estimated billion dollars a year - four hundred million dollars of which is estimated to come directly from problem gamblers.

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Is it Time to Boycott Woolworths? | scottjhiggins.com

Poker machines Woolworths owns or operates six per cent of ... Poker machines woolworths owns or operates six per. It has been noted that poker machine profits, legally acquired, allow responsible patrons to enjoy cheaper food and drink, clubs and hotels to employ more workers, and superannuation funds with direct or indirect shares in the gaming industry to provide better retirements for their members. Coles dumps pokies, putting Woolworths under pressure to ... Woolworths Group is the majority owner of the Australian Leisure & Hospitality, which owns 12,000 poker machines across 330 pubs throughout Australia. That makes it the largest pokies business in Australia.

This means we need to look at all the activities of a business. In Australia, the broader Coles and Woolworths groups do more than run supermarkets: Coles is owned by Wesfarmers which also owns coal mines, and Woolworths owns pubs and poker machines. These activities alone are enough to...

Feb 17, 2018 ... For years Woolworths has sought to distance itself from its growing poker machine empire, a business venture that each year delivers the Fresh ... Woolworths: largest owner of pokies in Australia! Here's what we need ... Feb 23, 2018 ... We need to share this and get the word out there. Smiley, happy, 'family-friendly' Woolworths owns the largest number of poker machines in ...